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Sarah finds Tom's website and becomes interested in his business's product.

Afte a few minutes of searching, Sarah finds Tom's website and reads about the ticketing product he offers.

Tom's product seem just right to help with the big project Sarah's working on, and she starts putting together cool possibilities in her mind.


Sarah has a few questions she needs answered before she's willing to spend any money.

Before Sarah purchases Tom's product, she really needs to know if it's a good fit for her needs.

She doesn't want to pay Tom if he can't look after her and answer all of her questions properly.

Hmmm... What to do...


Sarah clicks on the FAQ tab at the left edge of Tom's home page and Tom's Qhub pops up.

Ok! This is what Sarah needs! Instant answers to her questions, without being redirected anywhere.

Qhub makes this super simple by allowing FAQs, or any other content, to be integrated with Tom's website in several convenient ways.

So far so good, Tom!


Sarah sees one of the questions she wanted to ask, right there in Tom's Qhub.

Tom's Qhub shows Sarah all of his recent customer questions and staff answers, via a simple and elegantly designed interface. And this is right out of the box, without any coding or designing by Tom or his team.

Sarah then uses the built in quick search function to find answers to other questions she has.


Sarah has one more question which hasn't already been asked in Tom's Qhub.

So Sarah simply drops her question in the Ask Question box which adds it to Tom's Qhub for his support community to see.

Sarah loves how easy it is to do that.


To her delight, Sarah gets an email notification from Tom's Qhub saying that another customer just answered her question.

Customers like to help other customers like this if it's easy to do. Everyone is "social" these days, people like to reach out to others, and it's quite normal when one customer sees another customer's confusion and says "Hey! I know how to do that!"

Just as importantly, Tom is a business owner and doesn't want to spend a lot of his time answering support questions. Like all business owners, he wants to focus on building his business.


On the other side of the world, Tom wakes up to find an email notification from his Qhub about Sarah's conversation.

He also receives a notification from his payment provider that Sarah has purchased his product.

Nicely done, Tom!

Tom likes the idea of making money while he sleeps, and his Qhub helps him do just that.

Thank you!

Tom joins Sarah's conversation on his Qhub, thanks her for her purchase, and smiles again at how self-serve support makes his job so much easier.

There are many ways your day with Qhub can play out.

Perhaps you want to host a public forum. Perhaps you need a private, members-only community. Or perhaps you need a self-serve support feature for your web site like Tom.

Click on the green Learn More button below to see how your day with Qhub might work.

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If you value relationships like Sarah and Tom, you’ll relate to Qhub!

It's market leading online Q&A and FAQ

You get your own fully hosted, fully customizable Q&A pages for your site, or a new stand-alone Q&A site, voted number one by Inspired Magazine and AppAppeal

It integrates with Wordpress

You get a dedicated Wordpress Plugin for hosting Qhub powered question and answer pages right inside your existing Wordpress site

It connects with Google Analytics

Add your favorite analytics code to your Qhub from Google Analytics, Woopra, or Get Clicky to precisely measure your visitor statistics

It gives you full control of your community

As well as having simple but powerful moderation settings, our advanced SPAM filter saves you time and effort by preventing offensive posts

It's your public or PRIVATE community hub

You can set your Qhub to Private so that only people who you invite can see it, and you can also decide who can ask and answer questions

It uses YOUR domain name

You can brand your Qhub with any domain that you own so that it looks just like part of your current web site (this is great for SEO too!)

It connects with PayPal

You can earn payment for providing expert answers to your Qhub members' questions, either publicly or privately

It embeds right into your current web site

You get seamless integration into your Facebook Page or web site via easy-to-add widgets (e.g. the green FAQ tab at the edge of this page)