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Qhub Features

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Moderate with Full Control

Quickly approve, delete, or edit contributions. And set filters to automatically prevent dubious content from being published.

Optionally prevent members from using abusive language in their contributions.

Easily promote members to administrators to help manage your site. Quickly block users who are misbehaving.

Admin Tools

Make Your Hub Public or Private

Control who can see, join and contribute to your site.

Create a collaborative community where anyone can ask and answer, or choose to select who can contribute answers.

Let anyone join and view your Qhub, or create an members-only private forum.

Privacy Settings

Enjoy Effortless Customization

Easy to use customization tools help you to really stand out from the crowd.

Change the size and colour of your header, or upload your own image or video.

Change the colour or use an image for your background. You can also choose the colour of the button and links on your hub too.

Effortless Customization

Encourage Member Engagement

With clear, detailed stats your users will be able to interact with questions, answers, and of course other members.

You can let them do anything from voting on answers to viewing the most popular ones, to earning cool badges for good participation. This is what a real online community should be like.

Member Engagement

Integrate Your Hub into Your Site

Your hub can be a brand new, stand-alone website, or cleverly integrated into your existing website.

For example, our simple, page-side tab is an unobtrusive way to add Q&A functionality across your website. Click on the dark green "faq" tab at the right edge of this very page to see it in action.

Qhub also offers free domain forwarding so that you can use your own domain or subdomain instead of our domain.

Integrate Your Hub

Add a Latest Questions Widget to Your Website

Your branded community can only be as effective as it is visible, so Qhub allows you to embed community conversations anywhere you like on your website by simply copying & pasting in a block of HTML code.

The example widget at the right is a window into our actual support community over at, and you can click on an existing question in the window or hit the Ask A Question button just as if you were on that page. Give it a try!

Ask a question on Qhub Help


Add an Ask A Question Widget to Your Website

Want to grab valuable customer feedback at a particular point on your website, like on your product page? Then just add an Ask A Question widget wherever you need it.

The example widget at the right mirrors the same Question window in our support community at, so go ahead and ask a question there, and see it appear over in the support community. (Due to spammers, though, you're going to need to sign in first to see it.)


Add a Member Widget to Your Website

Adding this widget to your website or blog will enable users to see how popular your hub is, and also makes it easy for people to join up.

Hover your mouse over a member picture to see their name, and click on it to see their stats, including their contributions and any Qhub badges earned.


Integrate Your Hub into Your Social Network!

Members can easily share their questions and answers with their friends via Twitter and Facebook, right from within your hub, which brings more traffic to your content from those social networks.

What's even more cool is that you can add your live hub as a fully synchronised Facebook page! Check out our own Facebook Page to see what it looks like.

Social Media Integration

Measure Your Visitor Statistics

Pearson's Law states "That which is measured improves", so Qhub allows you to add your favorite analytics code to your hub to precicely measure and keep track of visitor statistics.

Analytics services like Google Analytics, Woopra, and Get Clicky, for example, run very smoothly with Qhub.

Visitor Statistics

Get Notified the Way You Want

Qhub has a special notification system that alerts you and your members at various levels of interaction that YOU choose. After all, And proper notifications help keep communities updated, active, and healthy!

Members can be notified when a Friend asks a new question, when their own question gets a new answer, and when a member sends a Friend request. A bit like facebook, but for grown-ups : )

Notifications are sent out instantly or daily, as you wish. And of course as an Admin, if your hub gets a new member, you'll be properly notified.

Notification Settings

Leverage Clever Developer Tools

Uniquely structured for developers, Qhub's API lets you build your own interfaces for your community's content, questions, answers, and members (Think about that for a second!)

With your Qhub API you'll be able to custom-build third party applications that will motivate the growth of your hub. API access is available to any and all users registered to a Qhub. Try it out!

Qhub's API

Q&A Community and Feedback for your website

Adding a questions and answers section to your website is a great way to engage, understand and help your users.

Get more traffic with great content

Additional auto generated, compelling content along with our SEO methods will boost your organic traffic. Gain traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Customize and moderate everything

Match your hub look & feel to your website design - use your own colors, styles, images and domain.
Powerful moderation tools will give you total control.