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A Q&A and FAQ Solution is a popular equipment specialist site with a loyal readership, which has been able to build an active community around common restaurant discussions with help from Qhub.

Check out the cool "How To" videos they've embedded in some of their answers.

Restaurant Equipment Answers Restaurant Equipment Answers

A Feedback Capture Solution

Qhub powers which is a support community for discussing symptoms, treatment, medication and research for the condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis.

This hub makes great use of the powerful Javascript integration features offered by Qhub, which allow custom scripts and third party widgets to be embedded within the page to gather feedback from members. Javascript integration

A Blogging Solution

Dot Sauce is a popular site which specialises in web domains and onlne business matters.

Expanding their enterprise into an active blogging community opened up new opportunities, including increased revenue by running advertising alongside their blog content.

DotSauce Monetisation DotSauce Monetisation

A Sales Page Solution is a Qhub-based landing page created by for a sales campaign.

With little or no technical ability required, sales staff were able to quickly build this page, add video and add an eye-catching Add To Cart button, and generate more software sales.

License Key Finder License Key Finder

A Help Desk Solution is a Dutch insurance comparison site that integrated their hub at into their main site using the Qhub API to provide an instant question submission form inside their main page here (look for the box with the little boy.)

The hub for is delivered in the native Dutch language as part of the ongoing programme to translate Qhub into as many languages as possible. ask question API integration ask question API integration

A Social Media Solution needed a simple solution that allowed them to engage their customers on their web site as well as on their Facebook page simultaneously.

With our special Facebook App providing seamless integration into Facebook, plus auto-optimization for mobile devices, Qhub made it easy for them.

Events Ticketing as qHub on Facebook Events Ticketing as qHub on Facebook