Webmaster Tools Now Available

The more search engine savvy Question and Answer software users among you will have been frustrated at the lack of a tools for verification and sitemap submission.  Well, now you can do this in the Webmaster Tools page (accessible from your Settings Page).

Webmaster ToolsSearch engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing require you to upload a text file to your web site, to prove that you are allowed to administer the site.  On Qhub, instead of uploading a file,  you simply specify the name of the file and its contents.  This URL of this file is relative to the root of the Qhub.

When you have verified your ownership of your Qhub, tell each search engine that your sitemap is /sitemap.xml .  You may also be able to specify your activity feed: /rss/activity .

Here are the locations of the ‘big three’ webmaster tool providers:

You will need to have your own login on each of these sites.