Are We Spreading Too Thin?

Qhub spreading too thin?Something is really bothering me, really gnawing away at me… The more I learn about marketing, the more I think we are spreading ourselves too thin at

You see, I’m constantly reading about the need to understand one’s target audience if one is to be heard with any effect. For the online business, like us, that means knowing exactly who your target customer is, and crafting your message and everything you do to the needs of that very customer. But how, exactly, does one do that?

I very much like the concept of the persona or avatar. It refers to the the ideal customer that the business needs to reach out to, right down to what kind of job they have, how old they are, where they live, and what their hobbies and pastimes are. I even read a piece of research that recommended that marketers and business owners have a sketch or photo of their ideal customer visible at all times and give him or her a name!

But for Qhub, therein lies the problem…

You see, Qhub is Q&A software for everyone. It can be bolted on to an existing web site, or it can act as a fully hosted, stand alone site if you don’t already have one (or need another one.) It can be used for businesses to provide support to their customers, or for clubs and societies to facilitate knowledge sharing amongst their members. Qhub owners can make their hubs strictly private, and even charge for their answers to members’ questions, or simply make their hubs fully public where anyone can ask and answer questions freely. It really is a wonderful, simple solution to so many things in the world of online communication, but how do you chose an ideal customer for that? Is it the busy small business woman? Is it the respected sports club manager? Is it the concerned medical practitioner? Or is it the avid gaming enthusiast? We actually have real-life hub owners who represent each one of those examples, and many more.

So it would seem that there is no such persona or avatar for Qhub. But that bothers me, and I feel that we could be doing so much more if we could laser focus our marketing efforts at an ideal customer group and connect with them in ways that we haven’t even begun to explore yet.

So, in the true spirit of question and answer sites, which is what we live and breathe at, I’d like to hand the reins over to you, my readers, my associates, my friends and family. What might Qhub’s avatar be? What does he or she do, where does he or she live, and what does he or she like? Oh, and what is his or her name? Or, of course, is there in fact no such persona? Is this concept a sad relic of the days of bricks and mortar businesses only, and should we just continue with our policy of “love all, serve all”, to coin a phrase from the Hardrock Cafe’s marketing philosophy.

For the best answer to this, I’ll give away a $79/month deluxe Qhub for free. Forever. With all of our award winning features and benefits and with the help of our superstar support team any time you need them. And by “best answer” I mean the one that makes the most sense and makes us slowly nod our heads and go “Wow… ok…” or the one that makes us chuckle and go “Ha! Right on!” We’ll then split-test that idea against our current model and let our customers decide which one is best for them, if appropriate.

So feel free to get creative, get intellectual, or get humorous here. I think it’s clear that there is really no one correct answer here, so have fun with this, and help us help more folks online, whether they be business people, club managers, or whatever! And if you don’t really know what Qhub is, just go to and watch the short cartoon there.

We’ll add this post to all of our social media channels, and to our blog, and then gather the results in a few weeks.

Thanks in advance!