Speed of Trust Through Q&A: How to Attract Profitable Customers By Pushing Buttons

Sustainable businesses are a reality because of trust, and goods are purchased and services are consumed because of trust. Literally every relationship, be it commercial or personal, is based on trust and yet we don’t see businesses taking it seriously enough to make it a part of their business strategy. And not doing so is leaving money on table.

Speed of Trust Through Q&A

Here’s how you can attract perfect customers through simple tools such as our Q&A software by following a few simple rules:

Unbiased Advice

When participating on a Q&A site, it’s inevitable that there are lots of questions that need to be answered, lots of doubts that need to be cleared. Confusion reigns supreme and decisions need justifications. In the midst of this chaos, answer those questions, based on experience, knowledge and sheer passion to help people out there, without any bias whatsoever. If it takes letting go of a sale for your own business but making sure that the customers get what they want exactly, so be it.

According to Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity By Stacey Hall & Jan Brogniez,

“…some of the most successful businesses began due to someone’s passionate mission: to share new information, to create a new product, to provide a new understanding and contribute to the culture. “

Don’t bore, infuse personality

Whether you are responding to a simple question on the Q&A website or whether you are the moderator, remember that boring kills. Lack of personality showing through your writings can kill your business even before it’s started. One line answers, expected repartees, predictable lingo, and obvious answers are all part of Boredomville and that’s one place you need to stay away from when you’re in business.

Unknown is unsold

If you have your own Q&A site for your business (and you should!) it’s inevitable that you’ll be active on the site. You might very well be active on some other common Q&A sites too. No matter where you are, the key is to stay there long enough to be known. Your pen name should be synonymous with quality knowledge dispensed and incredibly valuable information passed. Your answers should be deemed as lifesavers and each answer could have a price tag on it. Remember that not a thing will move off the shelf if no one knows you – even if the recognition is on a forum or Question and Answer site.

It’s about sales and it’s about numbers

So, what’s your coverage on Q&A sites? How many important and targeted sites are you on? How much ‘digital acreage’ do you own? Each answer is an asset – a virtual sales man practicing consultative selling – that works hard round the clock to establish trust and finally leading to the sale. If it’s about sales, we can’t avoid the topic of numbers. The more people you show up next to, the more sales you’re likely to make. Apart from active involvement on your own Question and Answer website, how many more such Q&A sites are you on? What is your digital footprint equal to?

Making Money Through Marketing

When you slice, dice and dissect it all, you’ll realize that it’s all about value. The more you give out value to your potential customers, the more money you make. Your customers stay with you long-term and buy what you have to offer, now and tomorrow.

Isn’t it a strategy simple enough for execution today?