Qhub’s New Features

Since you last looked at Qhub.com, we have made some additions to the site that we think you will really like.

1. Design Changes

  • New tab format

The new format tabs on the Qhub homePage

The new format tabs on the Home Page are now a lot clearer that they are ‘clickable’ links. From here, you can choose to see all questions, the most popular or those with the most activity.

  • ‘Create your own hub’ reduced

Start your own Qhub message

We have reduced the size of the ‘start your own Qhub’ message at the top of the page. This gives users more visibility to your own Qhub main page but we making it simple for others to create their own site.

2. Privacy Options

  • We have increased the options available for the privacy settings of all Qhub sites.

Qhub Privacy Settings

When logged in as the creator of your Qhub, you will see a link to ‘Qhub Privacy Settings’ under your settings page. We have introduced a few new privacy options from requests from our users. As the owner of your Q&A site, you can have a site that is completely private, or completely public, or you could have a public site which only you can post contributions to.