Qhub’s Got Some Great New Features!

Qhub is growing rapidly and that’s thanks to all of you. To ensure that you and your users get the best experiences possible, we have introduced 3 great new features on every Qhub:


Comments Function

With the new ‘comments‘ function, anyone that asks a question can comment on answers received and those that answer can comment on their own answers. A useful tool to enable conversations between the asker and the answerer. Why not give it a try. If you like someones answer, let them know! It’s easy to do.

Best Answer

Best Answer Feature

The ‘Best Answer‘ feature enables users to see which answer is the best for a particular question.   If your answer is listed as the best, you will see an obvious green strip located in the right hand corner and ‘Best Answer’ clearly as the title. However, best answers can change from day to day.

Embed Videos

Option to Embed a Video
There is now the option to embed a video to your answer. Choose the ‘Advance Formatting’ from the WYSIWYG and choose the film reel icon. Copy the embed code from your chosen location, paste it in the pop up box and hit ‘OK’.

If you haven’t already tried these out, why not give it a go and let us know what you think.