Qhub Releases A New WordPress Plugin!

1. Pull fresh content to your WordPress site from your Qhub
2. Synchronise your website or blog with your community or Q&A portal to show-off more activity.
3. Add helpful questions to your website for others to read and engage with on your Qhub.

Customers asked, we listened!

For a while now, Qhub customers have been asking us for an updated version of the old Qhub WordPress plugin, created by the original developers of Qhub in England, which hasn’t been updated for almost 4 years! The truth is, those original developers are now long gone, thus we had no way to log into their WordPress account to update the old plugin. So we just created a new one!

[Tweet “This new plugin enables you to show¬†questions from your Qhub simultaneously on your WordPress site.”]

This new plugin enables you to display¬†questions from your Qhub simultaneously on your WordPress blog or website. Your Qhub posts are displayed on your site as a customizable formatted list within your posts or as customisable widgets within your sidebar. So now you can show your Qhub questions in your WordPress site’s posts, pages or sidebar simultaneously.

The new plugin can be accessed at wordpress.org/plugins/qhub-qa

Check out the demo of the side bar widget version pulling some feedback posts from one of our Qhubs at : eventst.wpengine.com