Qhub Launches A Help Widget, And Instantly Makes Reaching Out Easier

This week we placed a little green Help tab at the right edge of our home page, and on all Qhubs. Did you notice the tab on any hubs? It looks like this :

Qhub Help Widget
If a visitor to or member of a Qhub clicks on that tab, it’ll slide out a neat little contact form that looks like this, but with a proper name instead of Ginza Hub :

Qhub Help Widget
You see, while we all want people to post on our Facebook Pages, our Google+ Pages, our LinkedIn Pages and in our Twitter streams in the usual manner, sometimes people just want to send us a private message – like a confidential question about our services, or perhaps a message about a broken link – and the lowly Help widget that can be seen on most good web sites is how they can do that.

Interestingly, until recently Qhub was paying $50 a month for over a year to have the same sort of Help widget on the Qhub.com home page and shopping cart pages. That widget worked very well, and the guys who provided it were very helpful. But after a $600 total spend I thought… wait a second… aren’t WE the software guys? So I cancelled our account with the widget provider and had our development team create our own.

I was so impressed with the clean result (you can see it at the right edge of the screen in this blog post), that I had my team roll it out to all 6,000+ active Qhubs, with any messages submitted via the new Help widget sent to the owner of the hub via email. So rather than visitors having to dig for a hub’s mailing address or, heaven forbid, publicly posting a message that should be private, Qhub now gives them a one-click method of reaching a hub owner discretely.

This feature is unprecedented in the Q&A software world, and we think it’s pretty darn cool.

It’s especially cool because now that we have the template sorted, we can build a Help widget for your web site too, for a one-off payment that’s a fraction of the ongoing payments you’ll be asked to pay elsewhere. But understand that our help widget doesn’t provide sophisticated analytics, or adapt to changes in the weather, or do anything exotic like that. What is does do is provide an elegantly simple way for one-on-one conversations with your customers or audience.

If you do want deeper levels of customer data though, you can do what we do and have the submitted message also go to Intercom, which then shows us the customer’s location, browser language, sessions they’ve had using the Qhub app, and even whether they’ve made a purchase yet or not.

So click on the Help tab at the right edge of this screen and check it out. Then if you want one on your web site, let us know and we’ll build one for you for a single payment of a hundred bucks. Sound reasonable?