Q&A Software Adds a Story “A Day With Qhub” to Help Visitors Understand

Our Q&A software site now has a special new page because, after much research, we now understand that creating customer persona stories helps visitors understand our software.

The new page is a little story called Your Day With Qhub.

This now makes 5 main pages, including the Home Page, on our Qhub.com website. And why are we bothering to add a new page, which we haven’t done for ages?

Well, a lot of people I’ve spoken to about Qhub recently have said things like “Ok so how could I use Qhub to help my business?” I always give as informative a reply as I can, but I decided to build a new page to address that question visually.

Enter the Your Day With Qhub page.

On that page, we’ve tried to paint a fairly typical Qhub customer story – Sarah the busy professional searches online for products and services that could assist her business. Pretty normal stuff, we reckon.

She then finds a product she’s been looking for, engages with the product owner and his community via Qhub, and ends up making a purchase.

It’s a simple but powerful scenario, and one which we see all the time.

Do check it out and let us know if also think customer persona, or avatar, stories like this are helpful : Qhub.com/your-day-with-qhub


Q&A Software Team adds a "A Day With Qhub" page

Q&A Software Team adds a “A Day With Qhub” page