Now Even Easier to Create Your Q&A Site!

We have been working hard recently, on the Qhub sign-up process.  When you want to create your own Question and Answer website now, you are prompted to customise your design, add some sample questions and choose how the general public can contribute.

The most important of these changes is your choice of contributions:

Type of Qhub – This can be either Community Q&A (the default, where anybody can contribute) or Personal Q&A (anybody can ask, only you can answer)

Privacy – This can be either Public (the default, where anybody can join and view your Qhub) or Private (only invited people are allowed in)

You can even change these options on your existing Qhub – just mosey along to your Settings page and look for Qhub Privacy Settings.  We hope that these options will give you a broader scope for making the most of our powerful Q&A technology. Click here to check out our new sign up form!