Handy Hints for Your Qhub

We thought that we’d give you some tips on making the most of your Qhub. The handy hints should provide you with some extra knowledge to help grow a successful Q&A site for every owner.

  • Promote your Qhub site as much as you can. To ensure your site gains as much attention, users and activity as possible, you may need to use competitions and incentives at first. Inspired Mag issued a competition with prizes when they first launched their Qhub, asking people to join and ask or answer a question and to post a Tweet about it.  For some inspiration, take a look at InspiredMag.com’s post.

Qhub promotion

  • Link from your main website with an ‘Ask a question‘ tab. This instantly allows your site users to find your Qhub site and therefore can then post questions and answers from visiting your website.

Ask a question tab

  • Customise your Qhub. The more it looks like your own website, the better. Take a look at ChurchLeaders.com as an example. See how the site matches their hub’s image shown below.  For help customising your Qhub, go to help.qhub.com.

    Q&A site customisation

We hope that these tips help you. Watch out for more handy hints!