Great New Feature on Qhub – Enable ‘Guest posts’

As of today, all Qhub owners can allow people to contributions to their Q&A sites as a ‘Guest’. It’s an added extra that has been developed especially for you and is still completely free!


Log into your Qhub (the one you created) and go to your ‘Settings’ link in the top right hand corner and choose ‘Qhub Privacy Settings‘.
Enable Guest posts on Qhub

Select the check box to ‘Allow Guest Contributions‘.

Allow Guest Contributions


It will give contributors the option of creating an account, as normal or not.

Sign Up Form

By allowing ‘Guests’ to post contributions anonymously, you are widening your contributor potential. Visitors to your Qhub site don’t have to register in order to add a question or answer and it speeds up the process for users as they don’t have to input any information.

Questions or answers will appear as ‘Asked by guest’.

Question Asked by Guest

Great idea don’t you think? Obviously, this is optional and as standard is switched off for all hubs that have already been created.

It really is that simple! Let us know what you think.

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