Customize Your Question and Answer Website

Today, we will look at how you can customize your Q&A site to look more personal to you or to match your own website.

Every Qhub site starts out with a set template which probably looks a lot like this:

Qhub template

However, with a few easy clicks, you can soon transform your site making it appear totally your own.

1. Choose ‘Settings’ from the menu options

Menu Options

2. Select ‘Hub Design’ from the Customization menu

Customization Menu

3. You can choose a theme as shown here and the style of the whole site will change:

Question and Answer site style

4. Or, you can personalize it by editing the colours of each section

Qhub style personalization

You can change colours of text, links, backgrounds and headers until you have a final version that you are happy with – see the example:

Qhub style personalization

Have a play around with the different options yourself to create your creatively styled site. If you have your own background, logo and/or header, you can even upload and use those. We would strongly recommend doing split testing to maximise your visitor engagement.

More helpful tips to come.