8 Reasons to Upgrade your Qhub

1. Customisation

Take advantage of Qhub’s easy to use advanced customisation tools.

Q & A Software

2. Use your own domain

Easily add your Q&A site to your own domain or subdomain.

For example: http://answers.appbistro.com

3. Member Mailshots

Send customised HTML emails to all of your members.

4. Analytics

Add your own analytics code to your Qhub and keep track of your visitors.

5. Private Forums

Keep it secret! Create private invitation only forums.

6. Moderation Control

Take full control of the contributions to you Question and Answer site.

7. Unlimited Members & Admins.

Unrestrict the number of members and administrators on you site.

8. Revenue

Start making money by adding custom advertising to your Qhub.

Check out our pricing page to see some more reasons!