7 Ways You Can Use Q&A To Attract More Customers

Businesses have an insatiable thirst to gulp down as many customers as possible to help them remain afloat. The ability to attract and retain customers is proving to be more expensive than ever while customers are growing increasingly choosy and are beginning to let go of affiliations with any one particular brand. This depleting brand loyalty is a cause to fear. Among many ways you have at your disposal to attract and retain more customers, you now have the power of Trust based marketing using your Q&A site. Here’s how you can use it to attract more customers:

Win your customers with knowledge

Expand Your KnowledgeThere is always an unmistakable aura about knowledge; it tends to awe people, garner respect and bring about a sense of satisfaction once shared. One of the best ways to woo customers is to start from a knowledge or “expert” stand-point. Focus on providing accurate, timely and helpful information in an unbiased manner when answering questions on your Q&A site. If need be, you could even add a “wiki” to every important topic that needs addressing.

Use the power of the written word

Written words
It has always been known that the written word is super powerful; it could make us cry or laugh; pull us to do things and even collapse or make governments. For our purposes, the written word always sells persuasively. Don’t let your Q&A remain an information dump. Let every word on your Question and answer Website work towards pulling profits relentlessly.  Write like you talk one-on-one and add a dash of humour. Trigger emotions and rouse the energy of the readers.

Good brings in more good

Good brings in more goodWhile answering questions on your Q&A site, make sure that you don’t come across as authoritative or condescending. A single rude remark can damage your brand irreparably. Knowledge is good; over-confidence isn’t. Be good to everyone on your Question and Answer site because whatever you say there is public and the last thing you need is a black mark on your public whiteboard such as the Qhub. Just by being nice, you could make your potential customers spread the word about your business in general and products in particular.

Use smart tools

Cool new featuresRecently, Qhub got a facelift. We have some cool new features that could help you promote your Qhub better. The comments section can enable more interaction in your Q&A community. You can also enable guest posting and invite others to post on your Q&A site anonymously, as guests which brings about a higher level of activity on your Qhub. A few other third party tools you could use is to integrate it with your Facebook fan page, have it up on your blog, use the “Tell your friend” widget, incorporate social media plug-ins to help people share the valuable information that comes about all this activity and interaction on your Qhub.

Use it to promote mildly

Yellow bannerOne of the best practices when running and maintaining a Q&A site for your business is to resist the temptation to promote your own products and services. However, no one stops you from pulling off a shameless plug or two and pitch your own business. Most of the activity on your Qhub remains neutral but still talks about issues or problems your business addresses. In that case, there could be a genuine moment or two where your own products and services are the best fit. If it is so, it must be known.

Promote your Q&A site

Roadside Billboard We have been talking about populating your Q&A website with content loaded with information, maintaining strict quality controls on your site, sharing valuable information, etc. However, just like websites need traffic to be profitable to any degree, your Q&A sites needs to be promoted too. Remember that your Qhub is also a valuable marketing tool and if people don’t see it, your Qhub hardly meets the purpose. Promote your Qhub the way you promote your website and see what happens then.

Award the best answers

The best answerMost sites like Yahoo! Answers and the Q&A on Linked In has a system where a question is asked and then answered by others within the community. The best answers are chosen and then voted. However, no one awards the person who wrote the best answer. Since you have a vested interest in growing this community and make it a valuable tool for marketing, brand building and eventual sales, you may look to award users for their best answers.