5 Ways To Promote Your Qhub

A highly trafficked Qhub can be a great tool for your business. When others regard you as an authority on a topic, they will trust your brand and any products or services (even your own) that you endorse. On top of that, it’s just plain fun to answer peoples’ questions and help them out. There’s no reason your Qhub should go without visitors. Here are some simple steps that are guaranteed to drive traffic and promote your Qhub:

Find Out What People Want to Know

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It seems so simple, but people tend to be concerned about the same things. Some topics and questions are very popular. If you can answer them on your Qhub, you’ll have traffic. In fact, most websites do the same thing. Their administrators look up the terms and phrases that are searched very often. Once they know what is popular, they produce content that addresses it. Put your finger on the pulse and become the guru.

Pick a Niche That Suits You


Is there something you are passionate about? Take that passion and share it with everyone. When you pick something you love, your care for the topic shows through, and people will notice. Don’t be the jack of all questions. Pick the few that truly mean something to you, and answer them as thoroughly as you can.

Share Your Qhub with Your Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers

Promote Your Qhub Using Social Media

Participate in the Discussion


Somewhere out there, somebody is talking about your topic. Find out where the conversation is happening, and get involved. Don’t do it just for the purpose of dropping the URL for your Qhub. Do it because you care. When you put yourself out there, people will want to know more about you.

Be Persistent and Work Hard

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Even in the year 2010, your grandmother’s advice still holds true. Your Qhub won’t get traffic overnight. You will have to work very hard to promote your Qhub through as many social media and real world venues as are available. The most successful people on Qhub are always talking about their Qhub and are actively seeking people who need answers. Open up your ears to the world and work hard to provide a truly valuable service.

As with any website, the efforts you put forth in the real and virtual world are what amount to its success. Qhub merely offers an easy to use set of tools for building your own question and answer site. Unlike the old adage, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. So get out there, find them, and do what you can to help!