11 Reasons Why You Should Have a Qhub

While the Internet is bursting at its seams with over 1.83 billion 1 users and still counting, the raging, almost insatiable thirst for more information is still largely unmet. True, there is more information at our fingertips than ever before, but nothing beats the momentary thrill of getting your questions answered by people in the know – the experts, casual users, and opinion leaders. Millions of users on consumer opinion forums, review sites, Yahoo! Answers and Twitter are pounding away questions all waiting to be answered. How then, could you possibly benefit from having a Qhub?

Listening is still a great skill

Listen to your customers

We all know that listening is a great skill. Even The United States Department of Labor Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS)2 has identified five proficiencies and three foundation skills that are crucial. Listening skills were among those on the foundation list. However, if you had a website as an active way to sell products and services, communicate, source leads, solicit feedback from potential customers and vendors, etc., you will need a channel to procure such information. A Question and Answer website could just be the ideal vehicle that can help you tune in and “listen” to your customers.

Make Social Media work for you

Use Social Media to Grow Your BusinessSocial media is growing at an outrageous pace now and even a relatively new site (just a year old) like Foursquare has over half a million users and more than 16 million check ins. Facebook has over 400 million users and still counting. Social media is just here to stay and although we do suggest that you actively manage your profiles in these popular sites, don’t you think it makes perfect sense to create your own social media site that focuses on all discussions related products and services?

Unleash the power of user-generated content

User-generated content

You very well know now that truly valuable, informative and engaging content is the path to true e-success. No company wishing to survive online can afford to avoid this fact. One way to generate content is in-house, of course. The other smart way to do it is to help foster user-generated content like that found on forums, opinion sites, reviews and comments. Having said that, don’t you think setting up a quick Q&A section to your website can help you generate valuable user-generated content? Unbeknownst to a lot of small businesses, this content also adds to your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Create a community

Build Your CommunityWhen you create your very own community – a forum of sorts – you are letting your potential customers know that you are serious about serving them. By creating a Q&A site for this purpose, you could answer any questions they might have about your offerings, provide tips and more information, update them about any new releases, keep them engaged, and let more of your company sink deep into their unconscious mind. This not only adds to your brand equity but also helps spreading word about your company.

Reinforce Word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth Earlier, before Internet came about, the news of any exciting business offering used to spread through people sharing news. If you look closely enough, the news spreads because of something in there – some sort of value proposition unique for that offering in question – that is beneficial for most people receiving that information. With a Q&A, you could reinforce this process of information sharing. You could help them share valuable information and make your company/products/services newsworthy. No marketing can beat anything that can go viral.

Set off a Buzz

Generating buzzApple is very good at generating buzz — It wraps a sense of curiosity, excitement and furore around its products in addition to excellent quality, attention to detail, aesthetics, features and much more. Assuming that your products are good, you will need just one thing more to get your wheels screeching – unstoppable, smoking hot buzz. What else could be a better way than to set up a Question and Answer site in a matter of minutes and get this wheel in motion?

Set a trend for others to follow

Creating trendsToo many companies languish because they just seem to follow trends instead of creating them. The ‘Me-too’ mentality is a profit killer. If none of your competitors seem to have something simple, yet immensely powerful such as a Q&A page on their websites, why not take the first step and shake some firm ground in your industry? Being the first gives you a competitive edge which could very well secure your profits.

Ask Questions

Asking questions to your readersAllan Pease has a nice way of putting it “Ask questions and manage people; don’t tell”. But how will you get around asking questions to your readers or customers? How will you reach your customers? You could email them, but most won’t respond. It is incredibly easy to ask questions using our Q&A page creator. You could be up and kicking in a few minutes and then imagine the power of gaining deep insights about your business, products, services and even competition just by laying out the carpet for them. Allow them to talk and you will strike gold.

Feed answers to burning Questions

Answer burning questions people might have

Imagine what you can do with a chance to answer questions people might have on your Question and Answer website. If you have a technology based business – like software or technological services – you could create a community around your products and services and develop a strong network among potential buyers just by answering their questions in an unbiased manner.

Benefit from automatic brainstorming

Using Q&A site for live brainstormingA Qhub allows you to see live brainstorming due to all the user generated content. Can you foresee the confluence of ideas you could benefit from? The sheer number of ideas members of your Q&A site can generate could give any brain storming group a serious beating.


Establish Expertise

Establish Niche Expertise The more questions you strive to answer, the more popular and trustworthy you become. Trust, as you very well know, runs deep into theories of consumer behaviour and finally makes the buyer reach for the wallet without a second thought. You do want your buyers to pounce on your products/services, don’t you?

Do you have any ideas on how else we can use our Q&A for your business? What else can be done with it?

1 http://www.c-i-a.com/ [ Computer Industry Almanac]

2 The United States Department of Labor Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS): http://wdr.doleta.gov/SCANS/