Q&A Software that Makes it Easy to Build a Vibrant Community Hub

Build your business through increased satisfaction by really engaging and understanding your customers with a fully featured, beautifully designed community hub, all yours in less than 30 seconds :

What is Qhub? It's a Community Hub in a Box!

How to Set Up a New Qhub in Just 3 Minutes

It's market leading online Q&A and FAQ

You get your own fully hosted, fully customizable Q&A pages for your site, or a new stand-alone Q&A site, voted number one by Inspired Magazine

It integrates with Wordpress

You get a dedicated Wordpress plugin for hosting Qhub powered question and answer pages right inside your existing Wordpress site

It connects with Google Analytics

Add your favorite analytics code to your Qhub from Google Analytics, Woopra, or Get Clicky to precisely measure your visitor statistics

It gives you full control of your community

As well having simple but powerful moderation settings, our advanced SPAM filter saves you time and effort by preventing offensive posts

It's your public or PRIVATE community hub

You can set your Qhub to Private so that only people who you invite can see it, and you can also decide who can ask and answer questions

It uses YOUR domain name

You can brand your Qhub with any domain that you own so that it looks just like part of your current web site (this is great for SEO too!)

It connects with PayPal

You can earn payment for providing expert answers to your Qhub members' questions, either publicly or privately

It embeds right into your current web site

You get seamless integration into your Facebook Page or web site via easy-to-add widgets (e.g. the green FAQ tab at the edge of this page)

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Qhub's service is best - Qhub.com


I really like the service and will likely use it again on an ad hoc basis.
By   On January 17, 2014


Balaji Chinnasami

I Love Qhub - Qhub.com


I love Qhub... Staff & support are great... Response is great.
By   On September 27, 2013
Balaji Chinnasami

Very Happy with services rendered by - Qhub.com


I am happy with services rendered by Qhub. I will be recommending my friends use Qhub as a Q&A platform.
By   On September 06, 2013
Neville Martin

Responded quickly, courteously and in a concise manner - Qhub.com


Very impressed with Qhub. Not just the functionality of my newly acquired Q&A Hub, but your customer service as well. I bombarded you with questions during the trial period, and you always responded quickly, courteously and in a practical and concise manner. Many thanks.
By   On August 05, 2013
Neran Ashkenazi

Best Q&A Site - Qhub.com


I think that Qhub is actually the best looking Q&A site I have seen so far.
By   On June 01, 2012
Bizzi Emommy

Great Support - Qhub.com


I would use as a QA for my blog for readers to ask / answer questions about ecommerce. In addition I coud use it for my store as well http://www.lalababyboutique.com. Its great!...
By   On December 25, 2012
Igor Ovsyannykov

QHub is the best! - Qhub.com


QHub is the best!...
By   On December 25, 2012

Great Support - Qhub.com


So if you are interested in a Q and A portal that is easy for your customers and where you can make changes with ease - then Qhub is for you...
By   On November 11, 2012
Dhruv Kakkad

Fully Customizable and user friendly? - Qhub.com


The customization option and the user friendliness that qhub offers are at top amongst all. The hubs that you sign up for are fully customizable and are really easy to use.
By   On October 01, 2012

An overload of features rolled into 1 site! - Qhub.com


I think its a great website for managing my support and help portal for our sites. Not only can I add videos and customize my hub completely, I can now make it a blog and a sort of guest book for those who visit my site - its great! This is definitely worth every penny.
By   On April 18, 2012
Archie Clark

Great free tool to build your Q&A page! - Qhub.com


We have recently created a Q&A page on our website with the help of Qhub. We were surprised how many configuration possibilities is provides - considering the fact that the software is totally free. It integrates as well with Facebook and Twitter. We recommend Qhub especially for small businesses!
Pros: - Spell check - Easy to block or promote members - Integrates with major social networks
By   On April 03, 2012
Rated 5/5 based on 10 customer reviews